HARRIS REED - Glam-Rock Romanticism Gone Nonbinary 

Fighting for the beauty of fluidity, half-American, half-British Harris Reed designs to create conversation. Growing up with a strong sense of self, Reed was able to quickly understand the transformative power of clothing and its correlation with identity and liberation.

While still studying at Central Saint Martins, Reed caught the attention of the likes of Harry Styles, Solange, Alessandro Michele and Ezra Miller to name a few, resulting in high-profile press and resulting interviews placed with Vogue, GQ and Dazed, Another Man, Harper’s Bazaar to name a few.

Reed’s design process takes inspiration from the current social and political issues that Reed feels most connected. The work Reed creates are built from assessing the responsibility that fashion has to spark conversation in relation to the injustices that are happening within society today, yet all while staying true to the brand’s ethos that strives for a vision of gender fluidity and inclusivity.

The overall DNA of the Harris Reed brand and personal identity is best described as glam-rock romanticism gone non-binary. It puts the wearer and their fluidity - in whatever way it manifests front and centre.

Personally, Reed dresses himself to invite the looks and stares, to blur the preconceived fault-lines people have about gender and sexuality. It's baffling that people are still shocked by a puffy sleeve, but until they're not, Reed will be unapologetically donning and designing them.  

For Reed, fashion is truly revolutionary and has a huge roll to play in pushing the world to a more expressive and accepting place.